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Isotemp - Preparing For The Future

Mar 19, 2009

ISOTEMP RESEARCH, Inc. is one of the leading U.S. companies in designing and manufacturing frequency control products.  We have more than forty years of experience in both development and production.  Our first products introduced to the market were Crystal Ovens and Component ovens.  The company has been producing crystal oscillators since 1972.  By 1985, the company began to engage in surface mount production and introduced SC Cut Oscillators to the market in 1990.

In 1996, Isotemp acquired Colorado Crystal Corporation, a company specializing in designing and manufacturing crystals.  This acquisition brought high quality crystals in- house to Isotemp.  In 2005, Isotemp became part of Taitien Electronics, a global manufacturer of electronic components in Taiwan.  This partnership has strengthened Isotemp by enhancing the company's designing and manufacturing capabilities further broadening their product line.

Currently, Isotemp offers a full line of Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators (OCXO), Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators (TCXO) and Miniature Crystal Ovens.  Our highly qualified engineers have designed and developed these high quality products for broad usage, but they also have customized products meeting specific customer requirements.  These products are utilized in a variety of markets including: telecommunications, test equipment, network systems, military, defense and aerospace industries.  We have products well suited for GSM, CDMA, GPS, Femtocell and test equipment, amongst many other uses.

Additional, Isotemp has introduced the OCXO131-1004 series - a 10 MHz oscillator, which features 3 ppb temperature performance (-10C to +70C) and 0.3 ppb per day aging in a package: 12.7 mm tall.  The 131-xxx series offer output frequencies from: 1 MHz to 160 MHz.  Sine and square wave outputs are available.  Input voltages from 3.3V to 15V and operating temperature ranges from -40C to +85C.  This model is our most versatile line, and, we have many different internal designs allowing you to get just about any requirement in this package.  The package is designed for applications where space is at a premium and high frequency stability is required.

To learn more about specification details and our products, please visit our website:, contact Isotemp Sales at or at 1-434-295-3101.