Mini-Ovens From ISOTEMP RESEARCH, Inc.

Apr 8, 2014

Do you have an oscillator or crystal filter that needs a little
extra performance over a wide temperature range? Maybe you have a
semi-conductor device, transducer, or sensor that is sensitive to
changes in temperature. These components can be placed in a small
component oven that can maintain a stable temperature performance over
a large temperature range.

ISOTEMP RESEARCH, Inc., with over 40 years of experience in designing
Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators (OCXOs) and miniaturized heaters,
offers the M series of MINI-OVENs designed to mate with
HC-18U/HC-25U/HC-42U/HC-43U/HC-49U/HC-50U crystal packages and
HC-35U/TO-5/TO-39 crystal and transistor packages.

Temperature performance is better than a 3°C window from -40°C to
10°C below your requested set point. Turn-On power is less than 6 watts
with a typical steady state power of 0.84 watts at +25°C for a 60°C
set point. The MINI-OVEN has fast warm-up with less than ±1°C of the
final set point temperature in less than 2 minutes. Supply voltage
ranges from +5 VDC to +28 VDC.

For assistance, please contact +1-434-295-3101 or
You can also find more information about the M series of MINI-OVENs at

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